scripts and tools to administer the public unix / tilde
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Setup a clean instance of OpenBSD

Login as root

Run the below command to automatically provision the tilde instance

pkg_add wget && wget ''; perl


pkg_add wget && wget '' -O; perl

After the scripts run, haproxy, the Flask app for user requests (lingyind) and apache will all be installed and started.

lingyind listens on port 5000

apache listens on port 5001

haproxy listens on port 80 on all interfaces

You should be able to open your instance by IP address in your browser and see the home page

Make sure to setup HTTPS, setup authorized keys, disable password auth after install

video tutorial of install

The below video is about 5 minutes and walks through the install of the instance on Digital Ocean.

Please disregard the comment on total price. The cost is probably higher than $100 depending on instance size. I was slightly tired when making this...


in lyadmin.conf.json you can change the site name, set your email address and update the list of custom shells available