Thorn Avery tA

sprite animation testing

Updated 6 days ago

FizzBuzz Macro

Updated 2 weeks ago gopherhole repo. automatically pushed to by rf

Updated 2 weeks ago

Updated 1 month ago

lr35902ish racket

Updated 1 month ago

home-manager files

Updated 1 month ago

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tA's crappy blog

Updated 2 months ago

gameboy ASM

Updated 3 months ago

A Toy Programming Language

Updated 4 months ago

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My Vim Config, as a Nix Derivation

Updated 5 months ago

simple lindenmayer systems

Updated 8 months ago

Advent of Code 2019 Solutions

Updated 8 months ago

My work for Hoon 101. Will remain private until the class is over.

Updated 9 months ago

smells like soykaf

Updated 10 months ago

interview question

Updated 1 year ago