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1 year ago
  1. # Invisible Connections
  2. everyone is connected.
  3. we live in a world of invisible connections;
  4. peoples' relationships
  5. peoples' thoughts
  6. peoples' interactions.
  7. metaphorical connections.
  8. we also live in a world of ***literal*** invisible connections.
  9. connections that ironically, are more metaphorical than literal.
  10. we are all connected by rocks that think and send invisible signals because of the logic that we spoke to them.
  11. and thats pretty fuarking stellar.
  12. i often wish that was all the connection we had.
  13. because these invisible connections often feel more real than what we experiance daily in the real world.
  14. our real world selves require so much maintenance, and that leads to requirements for nutrition, sustainence, shelter.
  15. give my consciousness an internet connection and it would be happy.
  16. our real world selves require so much physical sensation. it dirties relationships and drives hatred in all interactions. its unclean.
  17. give my invisible connection a signal in return and it would be happy.
  18. the real world is so beget around **status**, status is the be all and end all, fame and money drives all. the only important part of something is its *financial value* and if we have to destroy other standards or monopolize then so be it.
  19. give my mind knowledge and it would be happy.
  20. let us celebrate self learning, mindless tinkering, hosting because ***thats what you feel like doing***.
  21. our invisible connections are pure, unsullied, **genuine**.
  22. we see people fantasising about godhood, for power, to be in control.
  23. i want to be a god so that i can tinker all day without fear of being homeless, or hungry, or alone.
  24. as a very good friend likes to say, keep your realities seperate.
  25. we don't want to sully the only good thing we have left.
  26. thank you invisible connections, i love you all.
  27. `:wq`