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# Workplace Hazards

if theres one thing im not too bad at, its thinking up half baked armchair psychology rants to do with why i hate working and capitalism and computers and so on and so on

so you know what this blog really needs?

~~css that isnt ass~~

~~content that isnt ass~~

you guessed it, another half baked armchair psychology rant!

## work life balance

is a meme, pure and simple.

you wouldn't go around bragging

> ahh yes, i actually have a pretty good getting bitten by spiders all day / applying antivenom to myself balance!

yet for some reason, having a good balance between *living your life* and *being obligated to perform labour for someone else in order to not die* is seen as a good thing?

it got me thinking about, ya'know, ***life*** and all that and really, makes me a lil sad fam ngl

> \<home-made freedom respecting alternative to alexa\> this is so sad, play twilight by boa

## take 4 $ replicate T2

the conspiracy nut in me wants to make a statement along the lines of

> the powers that be purposely impose current late-stage capitalism in order to keep the everyperson employed for as long as possible in order to diminish their ability to find purpose elsewhere in life

the regular person in me wants to make a statement along the lines of

> a by-product of our current work focus is that the everyperson has lost the ability to gain meaningful purpose outside of career advancement slash financial goals slash corporate goals

and finally the actual smart rational part of me wants to make a statement along the lines of

> the powers that be purposely impose current late-stage capitalism in order to keep the everyperson employed for as long as possible in order to diminish their ability to find purpose elsewhere in life

## we get it you cant take care of yourself tA

"work life balance" is hard to grok because really, a lot of your life part of that balance is influenced by work

at work you (theoretically) arent allowed to do stuff for yourself, outside of the small percentage of the time you get allocated to eat food, and however long you can feasibly spend with your phone on the toilet

in that last sentence i mean something totally not along the lines of (in the unlikely chance i actually get this right)

> punji su'u mi selbeifonxa kei lo vimstizu ko

as in, "with your phone, on the toilet" as opposed to "with your phone physically placed upon the toilet" but hey, if thats how you wanna spend your time at work then you have my respect for doing something odd during worktime, carry on comrade o7

but my actual point, however, is that once you get out of work youre;

* tired as fuark
* obligated to buy and cook food so you dont die
* obligated to do a bunch of cleaning so you dont turn into a slob
* obligated to do so much stuff in preperation for the next day

repeat for almost three quarters of the week, until you get a measly two days to ***actually live your life***

## still havent made an actual point, friend

we as people are losing our ability to make our own way in the world, and achieve a purpose that isnt related to corporatism or something work related.

we lose so much of our lives doing something that does not further our own purpose on this planet, and for the most part, people dont really think its a huge problem.

we have made so many incredible advances in technology, yet the everyperson doesnt see them, and despite this were still working eight hour days like we always have (and in some countries, eight hour days would be something they would be ecstatic to have)

we need to learn how to actually ***live*** again, how to have meaningful goals that arent related to the corporate power of someone else

we need to do what we can to break this cycle and enter a new age of enlightenment where we, and i know this is a pretty crazy idea but hear me out:

> use our advancements in technology to make peoples lives easier and higher quality

and then we might just be able to learn how to have actual dreams again, rather than our dreams just being "i want out of this rat race"


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# Libre Learning

> or "how i learnt to stop worrying and love learning

the number of times ive been told something along the lines of

> but tA, that \<technology or field of knowledge\> is useless! why bother learning that when you could learn \<boring technology or field of knowledge\> instead?

almost rivals the number of times i get told

> i swear to \<deity of choice\> tA if this is another dumbass soykaffy niche thing again

and honestly? that makes me a little sad.

## learning for learnings sake

as shitty and problematic as this world may be, there are *some* good things to it, one of which is the ***webnets***

and as shitty and problematic as the webnets may be, its core value is pretty astounding

> lets give people the ability to look up literally any knowledge they can think of in seconds from their pocket nearly anywhere on the planet

we in the business like to call that *pretty fizzityucking rad as soykaf* and honestly thats what it is

which makes me sad, when we see so much /advertising/ in our free knowledge

## sponsored content

idris 2 is a really cool and neat language being developed by ~~a literal god~~ a literal god, Edwin Brady.

and it'll probably never be used in any production system outside of some fringe projects using it because they *want* to.

and you know why? because people only want to hire javascript devs, or php devs, or python devs, and in three years it'll be go devs, and thats it.

> whats the point of learning idris 2 if you cant get a job in it?

is something ive heard a lot when ~~talking~~ ranting to people about it.

and you know what? i think theres a lot of point to it

## he's got a point there!

one thing im big on is that the collective we, as a species, should be doing our best to learn and do and act as we want to, as we ***truly*** want to.

our personality, and our identity, is in a large part influenced by what we choose to assciate ourselves with, and what we practice (or choose not to practice).

learning new things, or more accurately, choosing to learn new things, really says a lot about ourselves.

so what does it say when your metric for what you choose to learn is primarily influenced by *how useful to the corporate efforts* it can make you?

## za'a do simlu lo jimpe

> uau nai do simlu lo stace nanmu

i, tiornoAiovanna, have a dream

that one day, i will not get mercilessly made fun of for wanting to learn lojban, or any of the other cool neat things i want to learn, simply because its not something i can find a job in.

day by day, slowly, we'll begin to the mollusk ourselves off of this dependency on corporate validation, and the knowledgesphere will be in balance again, not filled with what are essentially advertisements.

> learn this thing and you'll make BIG DOLLARYDOOS!

its a dopamine trap set up to both generate useful wageslaves, and reduce the liklihood of competing technologies gaining traction.

## lo fanmo

get back into the habit of learning for learnings sake.

anything can be useful, as long as you have the will to enjoy using it.

do not fall prey to this subtle power structure, there are millions upon billions of cool things in this world, and many of them fall outside of "things that are employable"

peace out friends