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  1. # Things I Like
  2. howdy one and all, to my inaugural post.
  3. what follows is a list of potentially somewhat obscure feelings, that instill a subtle, non-zero amount of joy in me, without reaching levels for me to register them as good feelings.
  4. without further ado:
  5. ## lowercase letters
  6. much, i imagine, to the disgust of my english teacher mother, i really enjoy writing entirely in lowercase when i can. i believe it started on irc as a homestuck style (yet subtle enough to not give away being trash) quirk for some sense of identity that was seperate to having an actual personality.
  7. ## using the (y) emoji outside of facebook
  8. on facebook, using `(y)` will produce a thumbs up emoji that is different to the current readily and easily avaliable one, so already it's pretty nice. theres something completely different about using it outside of facebook. i once met someone on discord who did the same thing. i have not talked to them since, nor can i remember their name, but i consider them a friend in the same way i consider anyone who uses dvorak a friend
  9. ## the jazzy bit in the middle of Fluff's Travels by Phish
  10. shouldn't really need an explanation, [Fluffhead // Fluff's Travels]( is such a good two piece and the jazz bit is the best part.
  11. ## the following dialog from "The Point (1971)"
  12. >"if everything has a point, then i must have one too"
  13. >"he's got a point there!"
  14. ## swatch internet time in my shell prompt
  15. one day there'll be enough of us to make swatch beats a standard, until then i'll just await the day my pebble battery dies and i have to go back to a normal watch
  16. ## people you know not noticing you in public
  17. all the upsides of being a social person and realising you know a lot more people than you think you do, but with none of the downsides of actually having to talk to people and take your headphones off
  18. ## half-assed projects
  19. ...of which this post is included. one day i'll finish something and maintain it, but until then theres something comfy about looking into `~/projects` and finding about seven variations on `ta_sdl_game_engine` dating back to highschool
  20. ---
  21. hopefully you enjoyed these half assed ramblings. until next time, peace out, ima' bounce, and carry on my dudes.xvid.h264.mkv