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  1. # What Is Love?
  2. >baby don't hurt me
  3. don't hurt me
  4. no more
  5. love is arguably the most important emotion. i would argue that almost every important part of anyones life has been influenced predominantly by love. or should i say lust.
  6. lust for power. lust for success. lust for romance. lust for change. lust to be happy. lust for what we don't have. lust for more of what we do. lust for lusts sake. lust for fun, lust for the fun of being lustful.
  7. in my anecdotal experience it seems we are quite happy with conflating lust and love, despite the domain for the former being far, far larger than the latter.
  8. we get people exercising lust for power, under the guise of love, and we are okay with this.
  9. we get people exercising lust for companionship, under the guise of love, and we are okay with this.
  10. we get people exercising lust for validation, under the guise of love, and we are okay with this.
  11. if you are able to frame your shitty personality quark as a variation on lust (and then from lust to love), you're suddenly excused, because society has put up this facade of love being some unknowable emotion, some sacred ground that you dare not question.
  12. we are discouraged from thinking about it because its conflated with gaming the system, with being disengenuous.
  13. as if we're supposed to magically know enough about ourselves to know what we need without thinking.
  14. so what is love?
  15. love is whatever you define it to be, thats not the hard bit.
  16. the hard bit is finding someone who's definition agrees with yours.
  17. the hard bit is filtering through what people say because people don't say what they mean, they like to play games
  18. the hard bit is filtering through what you think because your brain won't tell you what it means, it likes to play games.
  19. what is love?
  20. i don't know, maybe if i did this post would have a lighter tone.
  21. love is, at its core, a goal to strive for if you don't have another goal
  22. love is something to make you feel like you're progressing through life everytime you step outside
  23. love is something that is harder for some people than others.
  24. maybe love is just a stable internet connection.
  25. `:wq`