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  1. # Ixnay on the IxOSnay
  2. dear sister...
  3. by the time you read this, my laptops OS will be dead.
  4. heres how I think it'll go down:
  5. ## open source programs
  6. the support for them on nixos is **excellent**, no problems there, if that was all i were doing (and it is about 97% of what i do) it'd be fine.
  7. i still intend 100% to use nix the package manager as the dependency and build environment tool of choice for my personal projects, its too good to not use.
  8. ## closed source programs
  9. mainly, ***games***, im an edgy kid i like to play games in my free time, and whenever im on holiday (prime time for playing games all day) i like to be able to *install* them.
  10. this is not an easy task on NixOS.
  11. this is not an easy task at all.
  12. this is a really *really* **really** ***really*** annoying task on nixos.
  13. sometimes they'll *just werk* if you set up a virtual file system
  14. every other time you're better off setting up a VM just to avoid all the library hell you'll have to go through.
  15. ## final thoughts
  16. short post, i gotta get around to `dd'ing` a usb and messing up everything.
  17. one day i'll stick to a distro, maybe even one i really really like (like nixos)
  18. it's not you nixos its me. my beard isn't long enough, i have too much of a social life at the moment, i'm not worthy.
  19. until we meet again.
  20. `close nixos || hcra nepo`