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  1. # Cool Wires
  2. having wires hanging out of your everyday clothes makes you really cool and theres nothing you can say to tell me otherwise. believe it.
  3. ## cool soykaf
  4. having heaps of wires means you have a tonne of stuff you need wires to connect to, and that means you have a lot of cool shit you carry around on the reg which is rad.
  5. having a tonne of music stuff? awesome.
  6. having a fizzityucking computer on you? so cool.
  7. so this is something i can appreciate.
  8. ## wackos
  9. normal people don't want to walk around like that for two reasons:
  10. * they dont like being weird
  11. * they dont wanna fuark around with tech
  12. and both of these are bad things.
  13. be weird, be interesting, mess around with new tech (to you)
  14. thats how you learn and thats how you discover.
  15. it also means you know enough about the tech to need such a setup, and having a cool setup in anything makes you a fan of the hobby, which is what you need. it makes you interesting, it gives you opinions, it means youve passed the test. embrace it.
  16. ## short post boo
  17. not much else to say, wires are rad because it makes you a cool weirdo, and i can appreciate that.
  18. also i can pretend im in lain
  19. `fuarking wireless`