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  1. # Look Alive, Sunshine
  2. quick post, but people who always try to look spotless and perfect are basically just not people tbh. hot take i know but ***whaddya gonna do 'bout it***
  3. ## human condition fuck yeah
  4. we're messy beings, we're lazy and we get dirty. my sleeves constantly have a bunch of messy crap on them. my pants have smudges and stains occasionally. i have spilt a lot of stuff on everything, and on top of that i get ink stains a lot too.
  5. if i spent all the time i needed to **look acceptable** and still maintain my lifestyle, i would not have any free time at all.
  6. if i changed my lifestyle to **fit in** then im literally not a person anymore and id hate that.
  7. thats all there is to that.
  8. ## psych shit idk
  9. mentally, humans are not perfect. we enjoy things we shouldn't. we do thinks we shouldnt. we like things we shouldnt.
  10. why hide that?
  11. if you have bags under your eyes own them.
  12. if you have a bunch of wires and shit hanging everywhere then thats rad.
  13. if you're smoking in public then good on ya.
  14. we're meant to *bee ourselves* but what people really mean is *bee what we want you to be*
  15. and i say fuck that.
  16. ## make the headers up yourself
  17. looking like shit constantly is a mark of honour. you don't have to be a slob, but you don't have to look perfect. you can take care of yourself and be hygenic, but still look like a tosser and have people give you funny looks in the street.
  18. looking alive, the way ***they*** mean it, is no different than looking like a machine, like an idea (not in the good way either). like looking like something harmless, soulless and idealess.
  19. in reality, looking alive means looking like your one drag away from keeling over, and honestly, thats the way it should be.
  20. `fuck socks`