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  1. # Robot Influence
  2. > my only difference, is robot influence!
  3. imagine, youre online, talking about something you like, some normie interest you only sort of care about, and then all of a sudden...
  4. *SMUG*
  5. **FUKKEN**
  6. ***ANIME GIRL***
  7. and your argument is instantly null and void.
  8. you try and argue back, but to no avail. you attempt ad hominem, only to find these creatures self depricate more than anything you could throw at them.
  9. you slowly lose consciousness, surrounded by smugly smiling lolis.
  10. > you have died
  11. ## shitty image boards
  12. if you were a nerd growing up in school around the time i did, then you probably spent a lot of time on the internet.
  13. a lot more time than others, and in much more *niche* or *secluded* communities.
  14. and also various chans
  15. you probably got into programming, video games, armchair psychology, a bunch of shitty nerd crap, and shitposting.
  16. and smug anime girls.
  17. ## smug anime girls
  18. something about the robots fascination with cute slash smug / angry / sad anime girls has always fascinated me. its easy to write it off as "fukken neckbeards wanna jerk it to lolis", and i cant really argue that there arent people like that.
  19. however, i think theres more to it than that.
  20. lets unpack this, shall we ~~m'lady~~
  21. ### irl people suck
  22. everyone who was like me as a kid hated people, society, people, school and people. we didnt understand others, we werent understood by others, and because of this, real life people were something to make fun of, something to judge, but not something to wear as a mask.
  23. anime girls on the other hand, are **cute**, which is a plus because that is something we were not. they are **not real** which is a plus because that is something we were.
  24. they are **expressive**, especially in **comic ways** because we are not, and had trouble understanding emotions that werent obvious.
  25. they are everything we can relate to, and as such, make the perfect medium to convey our own emotions.
  26. ### fukk other teams
  27. this may be something that is applicable to normies as well, but i would not know that, because im not a person.
  28. robots fukken love taking sides on dumb shit. i have entire, lifelong friendships built up primarily over us disagreeing on whether emacs or vim is better. i have taken sides on things purely to be on the opposite side to my friends, so that we can argue about sides and have fun doing it.
  29. one of the ***most*** common arguments goes something like this, and, in my opinion, is somewhat of a rite of passage for being good friends.
  30. > oh man, i really like `$showName`
  31. > yeah same, `$leadFemale` best girl amiright?
  32. > are you fuarking kidding me? `$otherLeadFemale` is best girl
  33. > i will literally fight you cunt, you're objectively wrong
  34. > at least we can both agree that kaworu is best boy right?
  35. > yeah of course we arent monsters
  36. and again, from the outside this sounds like simply "which chick would i wanna rail" and if you said that id ~~mostly agree with you~~ respectfully disagree.
  37. this is nothing more than picking a sports team, and hating on other for their choice.
  38. this is choosing a character you like the mental qualities of, and as a reward, getting to act smug to others for choosing otherwise.
  39. ### unidentified fuggen object
  40. anime girls are basically social suicide and thats part of the charm.
  41. theyre this generations form of punk, theyre a way of saying
  42. > yeah im a fukken dumbass, but im a fukken dumbass who doesnt ***want*** to be part of your system
  43. and honestly thats pretty beautiful
  44. in twenty years i expect edgy teenagers to be hanging posters of yuuko in a communist cap calling for "death to suits" and itll be taken with the exact same impact that posters of che guevera have today.
  45. in twenty years i expect the **hip** characters in mainstream movies to be casually cosplaying as fukken sailor moon just because theyre trying to stand for some long forgotten ideal
  46. ~~in twenty years, one hundred percent of the operating system market share will be urbit, and ill be happy~~
  47. ## final thots
  48. smug anime girls are the pinnacle of reactions and honestly if you have a decent reaction picture folder, thats worth more than gold.
  49. `nani the fuck?`