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Вы не можете выбрать более 25 тем Темы должны начинаться с буквы или цифры, могут содержать дефисы(-) и должны содержать не более 35 символов.

49 строки

  1. # Sea
  2. what are we
  3. but thoughts in sea
  4. each adding a drop
  5. to this common receptacle
  6. this digital knowledge pill
  7. to make us all more than we were before
  8. i send out my drop
  9. and hope it wont flop
  10. it needs to do better
  11. then the rest of the crop
  12. and i hope it takes off like the rest
  13. and now its all dark
  14. the lights are all fuarked
  15. and im here on my own
  16. but not really alone
  17. my hands grip my keys
  18. the proof that im me
  19. and with a flurry of phalange
  20. i send out my plea
  21. `|hi ~zod`
  22. the parts are all here
  23. so i have nothing to fear
  24. it shouldn't turn to shit
  25. but im missing one bit!
  26. alas, not for long
  27. by the end of this song
  28. a reply from the sky
  29. `hi ~zod successful`
  30. and with minimum stuff
  31. the network is tough
  32. and that single bit was enough
  33. to let me know the others are out there
  34. just like me
  35. they wish to see
  36. the ones that make them inspired
  37. just another day on the wired
  38. `to all the lainons, congratulations!`