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  1. # Telephone Boards
  2. theres a lot of weirdos in this world, me included.
  3. for some reason people think its, well, weird to be a weirdo, and they might be right.
  4. but its something thats pretty useful, and heres why.
  5. ## prog soykaf
  6. anyone whos actually reading this is probably no stranger to programming, and therefore knows about the
  7. ***hundreds of thousands of millions of different ways to program***
  8. concept space is infinite, and programming is unbridled choice of abstraction, given human readable form (unless you program in APL)
  9. any, single, thing, that you can program, you can translate into another form and use that instead, you can repeat this as much as you want until you have an ever-moving lovecraftian blob of code.
  10. and thats the beauty of programming.
  11. ## minds eye
  12. whatevers in your minds eye dictates how you do it.
  13. you think about how this function works, and you say to the soul thats hearing your thoughts "its a bit like a phone board, like the old timey ones with the patch leads" and all of a sudden the entire programs architecture is telephone patch lead inspired.
  14. we come up with all these random equivilencies that six months from now youll look at and think
  15. > le grill? what the hell is a le grill?
  16. and thats the beauty, thats the charm and character and poetic tism that we should be celebrating in programming.
  17. i want to look at a program like you would an art piece, like you would an arthouse movie, and think
  18. > i wonder what was going through their head in order to influence this
  19. i want to redo older programs in different "styles" just to see how they would differ.
  20. i want to find the weirdest way i can do something, just in case we learn something from it
  21. ~~i want it to be socially acceptable to use cool anime profile pictures on linkedin~~
  22. and most importantly...
  23. `i just want my code to work :wq`