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  1. # Names
  2. to give something a name is to give it **power**.
  3. sometimes, a name is what matters most.
  4. names are what were most often first introduced to.
  5. names are what we remember things by.
  6. names are ***very*** important.
  7. ## love letter
  8. at the moment one of my projects is a love letter engine, the classic boardgame with a million rethemes.
  9. i thought itd be a good chance to develop architecture that i could then go on to use for the *1998 Neon Genesis Evangelion Trading Card Game* (admittedly not the best name ever).
  10. for that one, im planning on calling it *EVAC*, for, obviously, the ***EVA**ngelion **C**ard game*
  11. this love letter game is going to be *lain* themed (lets all love lain!) so i spent a while and came up with:
  12. > drum roll please
  13. # LainLettA
  14. which i like for a couple of reasons
  15. * it looks neat with the triple caps
  16. * it sounds similar to love letter
  17. * im vain and like to put tA into my project names
  18. and this time tA fits in there *perfectly*
  19. ## so what?
  20. this game, so far, would probably make more sense themed to Fantasy Flight Games **Android** ip, an ip i really like.
  21. ..but then the name would be fuarked up.
  22. > Le AndroidLettA? what the *hell* is a Le AndroidLettA?
  23. and so, because the name gives this project power, its staying lain themed.
  24. ## what about us?
  25. names can have many powers.
  26. set in stone usernames give us our everlasting power, **tA** has been recognised from irc rooms from years back, it gives me an underlying digital identity, its ***important***
  27. display names that can be changed at will give us our *current power*, they show people our current state of mind, our current mood, in a way that isn't *important* per se, but oh so important.
  28. theres a theory in rationality about *type 1* and *type 2* brain functions.
  29. **type 1** is our rational, think over all the options thinking.
  30. **type 2** is our spur of the moment, "fuark it that'll be cool" thinking
  31. and these `[user|display ]names` exemplify both of these functions, respectively.
  32. ## nani tf are you trying to say?
  33. if i knew this blog would be better and this post would be longer.
  34. names are powerful, dont neglect them, take pride in them, but feel free to take them for the *importance* they have, whether large or smol, because thats the real, meta importance.
  35. stay shiny kids
  36. `:wq`