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  1. # School's Not Cool
  2. short post because putting effort into school sucks and im not about to start doing it now.
  3. theres one thing that ive been hearing that really bothers me quite a bit, and thats schools doing the whole
  4. `/me does that annoying fuarking nerd voice`
  5. > accctttuaalllllyyy, we dont hate tech anymore were all cool tech people here
  6. and something about *creating a brighter future* for all the kids whos only care about technology is fortnite or the latest lego star wars or whatever kids are doing.
  7. and theyre "allowing" kids to do work on computers and encouraging "learning computer skills" and some other stuff i cant really say without profusely vomitting, even with ironic quotations.
  8. ## thats cool though
  9. yeah it would be pretty cool, but schools are suddenly being **insanely** dumbass about implementing the entire thing, and i believe, in true techno-cult fashion that its harmful to the freedoms and developing brains of children and what not
  10. yup yup its one of those
  11. > please wont somebody think of the children
  12. times.
  13. basically, rather than doing the simple thing of *allowing kids to bring computers*, and then getting them to idk, write things on the computer or something - they're forcing people to rent laptops from the government, and refusing to allow them to bring their own computers or have any say on the software being used on that laptop
  14. ## tA that sounds like something no-one cares about
  15. ahh contre, i find it very hypocritical that they would do this, for a few reasons that hopefully arent completely stallman-esque.
  16. ### pa namcu
  17. schools like to do everything they can to go on about how society is all good and namely how monopolies are really shitty, yet here they are quite literally *enforcing monopolies* of companies that *actively prey on their users*
  18. and this is probably the worst thing because it just goes so deep.
  19. all of a sudden, they're forcing people to use the adobe suite, a quite literal modern day monopoly, which preys on schools and users and other forms of education to get them to teach adobe in order to create a deadly
  20. ***you can only get hired if you use adobe*** loop
  21. which of course is very good for adobes sales figures, and very bad for people who dont have a lot of money (like students, funnily enough) and people who care about improvements to software they will use daily, and people who want the freedom to use their own stuff.
  22. on a slight tangent, adobe is also one hungry skami, and therefore people need to buy more powerful computers to run it, which again is **pretty bad** for people without a huge amount of money!
  23. ### re namcu
  24. its removing peoples freedoms to support things they agree with.
  25. all modern hardware sucks ass, because its made by companies that care more about either tracking users for their own profit gains, or more about creating ~~literal security flaws~~ "secure back doors" so that the government can intrude on even more aspects of your life without your permission, than they do about actually making decent hardware.
  26. vote with your wallet you may say, yet these schools are removing that vote from people by requiring them to use a specific, pre-chosen model (if your school does the rent from the government thing)
  27. blurgh is all i can say to that
  28. ### ci namcu
  29. im bad at writing and this is just a rehash of point one, fuccen sue me.
  30. by refusing to follow open standards, thus allowing students to make their own decisions on the software they use, thus not requiring expensive, freedom restricting licenses, and specific, freedom restricting hardware (also often expensive), all schools are doing is perpetuating this culture of ***thinking its acceptable***
  31. and its also not even doing their job like surely, hear me out
  32. > schools should be teaching students how to solve problems and learn things they need to know
  33. not
  34. > schools should teach a very specific way of doing things and fuark anybody who doesnt fit that mold
  35. oh wait thats all schools ever do anyway `/me shrugs`
  36. ## fin
  37. yeah all this does is force students into a singular way of thinking that does not help the industry for whatever they're learning, the students having the freedom to choose what they run, and also costs families a tonne of money on stuff they *could* be choosing alternatives for as long as schools let them.
  38. its really disgusting and basically a literal monopoly but they dont care as long as adobe and intel and windows get money.
  39. incredible
  40. `:wq`