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  1. # Monopoly Sucks
  2. `<apologies to people who like monopoly, no offense to ny'all>`
  3. > but its an even shittier lifestyle
  4. this rant is bought to you by my good friend [lumi]( who bought this to my attention, and ive been thinking about it all day.
  5. short rant but it needs to be said.
  6. ## micro$oft winblows
  7. it feels good that saying that phrase is old enough now to be retro, but it feels bad that we still need to say it.
  8. microsoft is a shitty company, and windows basically has a literal monopoly on the market.
  9. you might go on about apple, but really they're just as bad, and a completely different problem all together but today we're focussing our rage towards microsoft.
  10. if you're on this website you're either:
  11. * someone who hates microsoft
  12. * someone who knows me irl
  13. and therefore i probably dont need to go into great detail about why they suck, but heres a brief list:
  14. * they actively prohibit peoples use of hardware that theyve paid for.
  15. * they actively spread irrational fear about non-microsoft products to trick people into using them
  16. * they actively capture massive amounts of user data, something that is ***literal spyware*** for their own benefits and profits, and give you a shittier, harder to use system if you dare opt out.
  17. * they use exploitative marketing and misinformation to make people think they need more expensive machines than they do
  18. * on top of that they just make really shitty and bloated software.
  19. ## who cares just dont use it
  20. thank you, i dont.
  21. but this is the topic of todays rant, even though i dont use it, i still, in some sense, have to support them, and i really hate that.
  22. this rage should really be aimed at laptop manufacterers too, because for some reason its actually, what we in the business like to call:
  23. > really ***really*** fuarking hard to buy laptops that dont have windows on them.
  24. now, this is a mild inconvenience, but its a moral issue as well, because its undermining one of the core tennants of capitalism\*
  25. by which of course, i mean magical capitalism that works like people say it should, and not the garbage we have today.
  26. the one thing you hear all the time, that is actually somewhat decent advice for living in a corporate world
  27. > if you dont like something, vote with your wallet!
  28. and you know what, i would.
  29. ...if it was possible to buy laptops that didnt come with a mandatory pat on the back for microsoft.
  30. and sure, i could find somewhere to buy a laptop that doesnt have a windows preinstalled, but its difficult, its hard, and more importantly.
  31. it relies on me having the know-how on how to do that.
  32. and sure, i do, but how many other people who are just learning about this sort of thing do?
  33. how many people *dont* know about this sort of thing because all theyve ever known is that if you dont buy a mac, it has windows on it.
  34. its disgusting, its unethical, its basically a monopoly, and im tired of paying the winblows tax just because microsoft feel the need to shove their fat mouth into everything they can get a hold of.
  35. ## fin
  36. no fancy outro today, fuark microsoft, and fuark the tech sector for apparently not caring about literal monopolies we have everywhere. there are other monopolies in the tech sector but thats a rant for another time.
  37. today, since i cant vote with my wallet, im voting with my mouth.
  38. `:wq`