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Shaun Kerr 138b2f301c ttgl was rad 1 week ago
1d4-hp.md been playing too much bg 3 months ago
a-little-help.md beatles are ok 2 months ago
alive-and-crying.md /mu/ has good taste, there i said it 1 week ago
always-rock.md rps sucks 4 months ago
announcing-layer-13.md im on a woolly bop 5 months ago
ascension.md fear me 2 weeks ago
ashes-rotp.md wooo ashes 4 months ago
birbbox.md coo man coo 1 month ago
bitboy.md bbitt 3 weeks ago
blinding-sun.md cotcs is rad 2 weeks ago
bonk-socialist-utopia.md bonnks 1 month ago
booth-collective.md new post, new humans.txt, fuarked up rf.cabal 6 months ago
caac.md ttgl was rad 1 week ago
chad-lebowski.md fukken chads 2 months ago
chippies.md chipper mate 2 months ago
contrast.md woah dude 2 months ago
cool-wires.md wirr 2 months ago
cut-me-some-flac.md get off my lawnboy 4 months ago
empty.md lets get to 350k 4 months ago
everyday-life.md im a retard 4 months ago
favourite-mug.md tired: being good 2 weeks ago
favourite-pattern.md i need a life 5 months ago
foss-my-shit-up.md getcha new post one and all 5 months ago
fukken-bonks.md best post 2 months ago
future-creations.md fixed my fuark up 2 months ago
high-tech-low-life.md new posterino 5 months ago
hit-or-miss.md hit or miss girl please marry me 1 month ago
houses.md blip 2 months ago
ideal-world.md got off my ass 2 months ago
identity-in-the-wired.md help me 5 months ago
idiots-guide-lambda.md im seeing double, **four** new posts 5 months ago
idiots-guide-to-retina.md unfuarked my formatting 4 months ago
in-defense-of-laptops.md new posterino neighbor 5 months ago
infinite-songs-a-critique-critique.md im so sorry 1 month ago
invisible.md notice me bus girl 5 months ago
ixnay-on-the-ixosnay.md ewnay ostpay 5 months ago
jacketory-handedness.md new post, plus it actually works now 6 months ago
john-deer-black-market.md botar is here 2 months ago
just-a-game.md idk 3 months ago
letting-starcucks-spy-on-me.md please look away nsa 4 months ago
look-alive-sunshine.md nananananana 1 month ago
lube-stained-pants.md here we go 2 months ago
my-dream-girl-dont-exist.md i love you jesus christ 5 months ago
networks.md i love my chippy pals 2 months ago
nix-install-simple-script.md fixed my fizzityuckups 6 months ago
no-owo-zone.md im not a time traveller 4 months ago
normies-hate-rain.md im dumb 2 months ago
on-motivation.md probably gonna delete later 4 months ago
on-religion.md fsm 4 lyf 2 months ago
peanut-butter.md post post post post post post post post 5 months ago
post-orifice.md so mad 4 months ago
robots.md owo 1 week ago
seasons-beatings.md im a crappy tech person 1 month ago
seb.md a post a day keeps the social responsibility away 5 months ago
sheer-madness.md updated contact 2 months ago
swatch-beat-my-meat.md im on fire 5 months ago
tech-giants.md fuck mainstream soykaf 2 weeks ago
the-weirdo-swarm.md we see through the bricks to the see crumbling castles 5 months ago
things-i-like.md Initial commit 6 months ago
two-dreams.md yum yum toast 5 months ago
vape-mix.md new post owo 5 months ago
what-is-love.md finished a posterdiddlydoodly 5 months ago