tA's crappy blog
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  1. ==
  2. = humans.txt for regularflolloping.com
  3. ==
  4. my name is shaun and i am a human
  5. i usually go by either tA, techieAgnostic, or some name of the form t*A*
  6. my email is s@p7.co.nz and it is functioning at least 30% of the time
  7. i made this site with help from the people who made hakyll
  8. aidan from my work says that i am his favourite dealer, referring to the data kind
  9. robots (both metaphorically, emotionally, ethically, spiritually and literally), should also be our friends. as such, this sites robot.txt allows unfettered access, so that robots know they are welcome too.
  10. i hope we can be friends :)