A Toy Programming Language
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a toy programming language for creating turing machines


turingAutomaton is a programming language created to test the Racket ecosystem. it features custom syntax and is able to run single tape turing machines.


git clone https://git.lain.church/tA/turingAutomaton
cd turingAutomaton
raco pkg install


all files must begin with a

#lang turingAutomaton

followed by a definition of;

@ beginningState
% blankSymbol
! acceptingState

(currently the accepting state is unimplemented)

states are defined using the following syntax;

: stateName
currentSymbol ~ newSymbol > newState
currentSymbol ~ newSymbol < newState

where < and > denote moving the tape left and right, respectively

comments are allowed:

; either on their own line
@ first ; or at the end of a line

sample program

this machine will double a number passed to it

#lang turingAutomaton

; this is a comment!

@ first
% e
! F

: first
a ~ b > second
c ~ c > fourth

: second
a ~ a > second
c ~ c > second
e ~ c < third

: third
a ~ a < third
b ~ b > first
c ~ c < third

: fourth
c ~ c > fourth
e ~ e < fifth

: fifth
b ~ a < fifth
c ~ a < fifth
e ~ e > F


currently very unfinished.

all input is a single tape defined with aaaaa for now.

there is no error checking until I learn how to do that.

might get slow for very large tapes as the tape uses linked lists to operate.


mutce ckire to:

  • the racket team for creating an awesome language
  • Matthew Butterick for his book Beautiful Racket and the libraries within


fi'e la ti'ei