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#Moni's simple image hoster
- written 27.11.2022
Everything in this folder belongs to moni's little image hoster.
It is written by Uhrenmacher for my dear friend Burden (or Moni).
Everything in here is public domain, no rights reserved, under CC0.
Do with it whatever you want.
The official repository is here:
##File included in the project
- data
- data/users.db
- data/posts.db
- img
- img/img{1-4}.jpg
- main.scm
- index.xhtml
The data folder is where all the databases are placed in. You may not place anything but "data/users.db" and "data/posts.db" in it.
This file is a sqlite3 databases contaning all the users and the user's information (hashed password, number of posts).
A list of every post on each profile.
folder for the images uploaded
Images used for testing and development. Those should be removed as soon as the code is used in production.

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<!doctype html>
digital yacht club image hosting
digital yacht club image hosting

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;;NO RIGHTS RESERVED. CC0 Public domain
;;written for Burden
;;simple web server for an image-hosting platform
;;requires chicken scheme interpreter, sqlite3 and openssl
(chicken base)
(chicken io)
;;define basic variables
(define default_port 80)
;;startup the server
(define (server_startup)