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  gashapwn 4cccba22de README.md - fixed wget typo 1 year ago
  gashapwn 0db4f88d89 README.md - fixed problem with wget command for install 1 year ago
  gashapwn 20c2dcbb6f README.md - updated install instructions 1 year ago
  gashapwn 57f1085901 added bookdl.pl for downloading books from lainchan 1 year ago
  gashapwn 87d1998186 added new .gitignore for json files 1 year ago
  gashapwn f6e1723d3d provision.pl - fixed an escape 1 year ago
  gashapwn d184c69bc4 provision.pl - forgot a file extension 1 year ago
  gashapwn 4be664be38 provision.pl - fixing strange problem with relative directories when installing ngircd 1 year ago
  gashapwn 821e0ab9d4 provision.pl -- added ngircd and configuration 1 year ago
  gashapwn 2d9e582c00 added ngircd.conf 1 year ago
  gashapwn 508bbee90b provision.pl - added flag to pull from non-prod branch 1 year ago
  gashapwn b0a547308f .gitignore - adding more test file patterns 1 year ago
  gashapwn 1924d66f43 ngircd-ctl.pl - fixed status command 1 year ago
  gashapwn bd187d6964 added ngircd-ctl script 1 year ago
  gashapwn 25123376b3 provision.pl - added bash 1 year ago
  gashapwn 51e5753902 provision.pl - i think Flask install is working again 1 year ago
  gashapwn d6cc9c5673 provision.pl - komm susser todd 1 year ago
  gashapwn b54c33a442 provision.pl - garbage garbage garbage 1 year ago
  gashapwn a0d7006146 provision.pl - pip3 is garbade 1 year ago
  gashapwn bd9f37a5c7 requirements.txt - fsck fsck fsck fsck 1 year ago
  gashapwn e03153516c provision.pl - replacing pip package with OS package 1 year ago
  gashapwn 2017145a4f provision.pl - changing depdendencies for py crypto 1 year ago
  gashapwn 7e853ec18e provision.pl - added rust depdendency 1 year ago
  gashapwn 983bb3b55e provision.pl - removed password login 1 year ago
  gashapwn 8d93df3368 provision.pl - adjust root login regex 1 year ago
  gashapwn 572d0ba0a7 provision.pl - disable root login... clean up comments... nopass doas.conf... clobber warning 1 year ago
  gashapwn 656183e45b provision.pl - Add prompt for user creation 1 year ago
  gashapwn b1a69ac103 create_user.pl - fixing some newlines 1 year ago
  gashapwn de10cf77bc create_user.pl + provision.pl - updated usage info stuff 1 year ago
  gashapwn b30ebc7f23 create_user.pl - fixed filename test 1 year ago
  gashapwn 00e09fd15e create_user.pl - fixed shell enum for STDIN use case 1 year ago
  gashapwn 4f4217d4f8 provision.pl - hardcoding URLs to a testing branch like an idiot 1 year ago
  gashapwn 37d034767a provision.pl - added JSON perl dependency 1 year ago
  gashapwn 3bf739cbe7 create_user.pl - refactored create_user.pl so it can be run with STDIN instead of a file 1 year ago
  gashapwn e71775bf17 provision.pl - wget pulls in user create because vultr 1 year ago
  gashapwn 8cfc3140cc provision.pl - added user creation prompt because vultr 1 year ago
  gashapwn ba9ba47081 Added video tutorial 1 year ago
  gashapwn 7ccf046cbf README.md - Clarified instructions 1 year ago
  gashapwn d9ca14554e README.md - fixed newlines 1 year ago
  gashapwn 64930658e0 README.md - Added install instructions 1 year ago
  gashapwn e0b9b25da4 fixing header 1 year ago
  gashapwn b5a988cdd8 added shortened URL for provision script 1 year ago
  gashapwn 772277f922 started readme 1 year ago
  gashapwn 68610d10b7 main_req.css - fixed invisible checkbox. added opacity so white af input boxes dont blind the user 1 year ago
  gashapwn c364d489ae lyctl.sh - switching to ksh 1 year ago
  gashapwn a341e8ccc4 provision.pl - modified rcctl start for lingyind 1 year ago
  gashapwn 604f75afc8 lingyin.rc - now uses lyctl.sh to start 1 year ago
  gashapwn 3d42f7f9ad lyctl.sh - init process will now background itself 1 year ago
  gashapwn f418061c22 lyctl.sh - fixed the shebang 1 year ago
  gashapwn 4e3c70e280 added start script 1 year ago