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@@ -7,16 +7,5 @@ title: Contact
* add me on xmpp at ``
* come chill at `#scoots` on ServerChan ~ `` port `6697` with SSL)
* if you see a `tA`, `techieAgnostic` or anything in the form of `t*A*` online its probably me
* if you're an [urbit]( i'm occasionally on as `~bannum-magtus`
* if you're a [martian]( i'm occasionally on as `~bannum-magtus`

## omemo fingerprints

in case anyone is sad enough to try and pretend to be me

E99F238B EC355B83 EEA7922A 920855F2 B7390E81 D1C72C57 E8BAB8EC 7AF0166F
5F0AA77D D80BEA25 2045C6FA 4CBDA994 7C169158 BFF053AC 7B448AE8 B15B2D42
532BEF79 E6B9B04E 42A50909 8468C2AB 42F6CC1E 2ECA6085 74F75AAA E26E5946
1107BF5B FFFF0C84 EA9D9916 29D3B6D7 9D2AEBC8 597404F2 DE5DA1A5 13BD9E3D
777FD250 D024B3F6 D0D007E9 EBE2D4E9 BA440B76 08832B71 12E02283 B5B54331

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@@ -6,6 +6,6 @@ please don't laugh at me i really like swatch internet time

here are some recent (for a very liberal definition of the word) posts:

> now actually only shows a few recent posts because im not as bad at haskell as i thought!
> haha more like ***irregular flolloping***

## "Recent" Posts