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title: Planets
published: 2019-02-20

> i am the master of my domain

i dislike the current world, i want planets, i want all of us to be the master of our domain, rather than a tennant on this world.

then id spend the rest of my life learning and talking to people.

## puters

theres something special about someones computer, a complex system no-one but the user knows all the intracacies of.

for every *user*, their computer is their *domain*.

the one place they have control over.

where they are a god.

## galaxies

a world of computers, planets, domains.

nothing physical, nothing in the way.

pure consciousness, computation, discovery, and information.

information created for the purpose of sharing, the way it wants to be.

a nice world, a pure world.

my world.

`short post yada yada`