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  moex3 9b8cd1cfc4
Sourcemedia to TMED mapping 7 months ago
  moex3 d44c74e40f
Multiple changes: 8 months ago
  moex3 63edb804ce
Add id3v2 tag escaping 9 months ago
  moex3 1628834c1b
Only care about custom cover image to embed if we have an option 9 months ago
  moex3 be6853c5da
Some fixes and some new features 9 months ago
  moex3 6be59c9036
Add '-' as a date separator. Use arrays in arg tags too 9 months ago
  moex3 edc18b4871
Don't copy encoder info 9 months ago
  moex3 e3dccbcf78
Switch over to using mid3v2 for all tags 9 months ago
  moex3 7f36a00b66
Embed cover arts into mp3 files from the flacs 9 months ago
  moex3 ccc5ba6af9
Add option for 320 CBR transcode 10 months ago
  moex3 3d31b6842b
Some updates 10 months ago
  moex3 f75c7fa582
Add comment & catalog option, improve genre option 2 years ago
  moex3 7aebd5fc77
Add shell escaping that works :') 2 years ago
  moex3 f8bd0b2004
Create trgt dir if ! exists, and do some ' escape 2 years ago
  moex3 dfb21dfc2b
Up. 2 years ago