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xtandard -- Xolatile-style “header-only” library for commonly used functions.

  • Purpose of this library is to replace < stdio, stdlib, unistd, fcntl, ctype, string... .h >. (:
  • Intended usage is writing simple programs, which can fit it one source file, often only in ‘main’ function.
  • Of course, it uses some global variables, be careful with naming your variables, and avoid C-style “namespaces”, they're bad.
  • Everything related to my libraries is clean of all warning options on Clang, GCC and Valgrind.


$ sudo sh install.sh

Xolatile-style “header-only” library is my take on ‘stb’ header-only libraries. There are a lot of ideas that came from Ada, which is my second language. Main idea behind them is to avoid standard library and macros in programs. Also, I like to avoid C-style “namespaces” and bad function names...

This is the core library behind my other libraries such as xector, xatrix, xyntax, xurses, xender, xame...