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Regular Flolloping

tA’s Blog, currently hosted at Regular Flolloping

Getting Started

What you need to get the generator up and running.


Built using Nix. Nix can be installed with:

curl https://nixos.org/nix/install | sh


imagemagick is required for the favicons.


Compile the generator

nix-build rf.nix

Enter the build environment

nix-shell --pure

Generate the site

./result/site rebuild

And test it out

./result/site watch

The site will now be avaliable at localhost:8000


Site will be completely static, so simply point your server to the _site directory

Built With


Is very airy fairy and mainly based on what I think constitutes major / minor updates.


  • Shaun Kerr - tA


This project is licensed under the BSD3 License - see the LICENSE file for details


  • Hakyll for having an incredible default, of which 90% was kept i gutted for a crappy light on dark style
  • Elie Génard for their favicon library, very easy to use.
  • Douglas Adam’s for providing the name
  • You, for reading this :)