my vim setup, as a nix flake
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tA's vim flake

this is a reproducible setup for my vim setup, including plugins and configuration.


requires a system capable of using nix flakes.

in order to try out temporarily:

nix shell github:techieAgnostic/vim --command vim

in order to add to an existing nix flakes configuration, simply add:

inputs.ta-vim.url = "github:techieAgnostic/vim";

which exposes the overlay ta-vim.overlay which can be added to your nixpkgs.overlays.

the overlay adds the package ta.vim which can be used as normal.

adding plugins

plugins that exist in the nixpkg's repository can be added by name to the vimrcConfig.pathogen.pluginNames list in order to be loaded.

plugins that don't exist in nixpkgs can be added manually, in order to do so, first create an input for the git repository you wish to source from, for example, in order to add hoon highlighting:

inputs.hoon-vim-src = {
   url = "github:urbit/urbit";
   flake = false;

(make sure to add the new hoon-vim-src to the outputs function arguments. then add the following to customPlugins:

hoon-vim = pkgs.vimUtils.buildVimPlugin {
   name = "hoon-vim";
   src = hoon-vim-src + "/extras/hoon.vim";

(the addition to the src path is for repos that contain a vim plugin among other things, and can be left off unless needed).

now, hoon-vim can be added to vimrcConfig.pathogen.pluginNames like any other plugin.